The acquisition/sale of a company is a complex process in which a key to success depends on avoiding mistakes in each of the different phases of the process (from the initial planning to the final business integration). Relying on a specialized advisory firm allows clients to have access to best practices in the market.


Facilitating the transaction

Taking advantage from The Vector company’s capabilities to attract buyer/seller interest in target companies and setting the framework for the transaction and keeping good relations amongst the different parties involved (transaction oriented)


Saving time to the management team

Allowing executives to keep their  focus on managing their businesses. This type of transactions are time-consuming  and counting on The Vector company, that will assume a significant proportion of the tasks involved, will reduce executives and shareholders’ required dedication to the transaction.


Gathering the information

Providing information on the business which is well explained and detailed enough, as it is required in this type of transactions.


Bringing seriousness to the acquisition/selling intentions of the buyers/sellers 

Valuable information

Taking advantage of The Vector company’s  access to business and financial databases (on a national and international scale) so that we can identify and match the correct investors/buyers according to the investment criteria defined together with the company


Defining goals and managing mergers

Providing a solid background to the synergies to be captured in the M&A processes. Assuming the role of managing the operational integration of the different business units.



Contrasting valuations and the price of the potential transaction 


Strengthening our client’s bargaining position. The other party (buyer/seller) of the transaction will probably bring in to the process an M&A specialized advisor. Expertise in transaction oriented negotiations



Coordinating the whole process and each one of the parties involved (due diligence process, auditors, lawyers,…) and dinamyze the acquisition process in the desired transaction framework