The Vector company is an independent firm, specialized in corporate finance, providing advisory services to private equity funds, family offices, financial institutions, industrial groups and family businesses in sellside and buyside transactions, mergers, joint ventures, capital raising, build-ups, restructuring processes and leverage buy-outs (LBOs, MBOs), getting involved in all and each of the different phases of the process.

Main aspects that differentiate us and our business model are:

  1. We deliver improvements to the operating EBITDA of the business all along the corporate finance transaction maximizing the value of the business
  2. We are truly focused on achieving the best offer for our client (any tasks that are not addressed to succeeding in this objective are simply not carried out)
  3. We provide a huge amount of management information (in addition to the information which is normally gathered in this type of processes) that is very useful in making the most of the value of the company, helping understand its business model and explain based on objective grounds how management takes decisions in the company
  4. Our fees are based in completing well-defined milestones and we leverage significantly in success fees tied to a successfully closing of the transaction on one side and on EBITDA improvement on the other, so that our level of compromise is set to a very high standard
  5. We offer the possibility to incorporate to our advisory services an additional one consisting of maximizing the business model of the company which is transformed into a unique category in its market through our strategic alliance with consultancy firm LOOP
  6. Our club deal investment arm allows us in some occasions to provide an inhouse solution to our clients, preparing and providing them with financial support long enough to maxizime a sellside transaction, a merger or preparing the company to incorporate a financial investor….
  7. Our business due diligence services are a good complement to our corporate finance advisory services allowing us to gain a strong vision on the business and its improvement opportunities.

Our way of working is grounded on the following values:

Independence & Integrity

Transparency & Confidenciality

Dedication & Compromise

Knowledge & Excellence