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Company specialized in small format tiles

MIURA PRIVATE EQUITY, a private equity fund, invests in the equity of a niche company within the small format tiles sector THE VECTOR COMPANY advised MIURA PRIVATE EQUITY on this transaction

General Overview

Equipe Ceramica is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of small format tiles, mainly marketed for the decoration of small spaces (in restaurants, hotels,….), both in wall and floor tiles.

The company was looking for a partner that would allow it to continue with its growth plan once a relevant turnover had been achieved, so the probability to reach the next stage would be higher.

The transaction was closed within the context of an organized auction process in which different potential investors were competing.

Strategic Rationale

Investing in an outstanding company in a niche sector to make it a market leader through an organic growth plan based on enter into new markets and additionally on executing an acquisition plan that was previously defined..

While the majority of the players in the ceramic sector were focus on volume growth strategies, Equipe Ceramica was focus on the small format tile market niche as a differentiation strategy. This product was more focused on the refurbishment market segment than on the new building construction one. Additionally the small format tile was gaining market share against the standard format tile thanks to a greater acceptance for certain decorative applications

Key learnings

THE VECTOR COMPANY advised Miura Private Equity on the investment in the capital of the company in an auction sale process in which several private equities were bidding to close the deal.

Miura was positioned as the finalist investor mainly through i) the configuration of an attractive transaction structure aligning the objectives of both the founders and the fund, ii) a good management of the relationships and the people and iii) by demonstrating the capabilities of the fund to execute the business plan and the  value creation plan.

The importance of the current trading while investing in a growing businesses and not to fail in achieving the budget is basic for achieving the expected valuation/price.