Financing solutions and optimization of the company’s capital structure

“Having the necessary financial resources to develop the business, priced according to current market values and ensuring that as much cash as possible is generated using cash generating measures inside the company before turning to external financial resources”

  • Defining a business plan with the aim to gain additional financing
  • Searching new financing alternatives (bank debt, subordinated, mezzanine, public financing,…)
  • Comparing the default risk vs Return on Equity: What would be the adequate leverage level for the company?
  • Comparing price quotes to market values: Is it cheap financing?
  • What is the overall profitability that financing entities are achieving with the different debt instruments provided to our company? Global analysis to negotiate with the financing entities and comparing price quotes
  • Sensitivity analysis on key financial figures (sales, gross margin, EBITDA,…) and its impact in cash flows
  • Internal cash flow generating measures
  • Divestiture of asset/business units
  • Working capital management