Preparing the company for sale

            “There are many and different deal breakers and other aspects that have to be dealt carefully during the transaction. Therefore preparing the company for sale and maximizing the price should be the first step in any case”

  • Optimizing the value of the company setting action plans to be carried out to increase the EBITDA figure
  • Knowing in advance potential obstacles to the sale and defining how to alleviate them.
  • Familiarizing the seller with the different stages of the process
  • Planning the fiscal impact of the sale
  • Building up a team for the transaction (legal and financial advisors)
  • Analysing what would be the most feasible structure for the transaction
  • Studying who would be more interested in acquiring the business and the investment rationale behind it.
  • Studying the best timing to sell the company
  • Analysing the financing needs and operating cash needed to run the business
  • Financial, tax, commercial, legal and labour pre-due diligence